(FEATURE FILM) -- I co-wrote this with composer Christopher Young. To complete this score, a team of 3 of us created over 100 instruments using both the ordinary and extraordinary. From large metal objects dragged across glass and concrete to bowed bicycle wheels; from screams and growls to a haunting child’s rendition of a nursery rhyme; from piano manipulations using large tools to a cellist bowing a the body of a car, this became the palette of instruments for this score.


(DOCUMENTARY) -- Excerpts from the Discovery Channel 2-hour Special. Ten years in the making and in collaboration with over 3 dozen scientist from around the world, this documentary explores the origins of man. Ardipithecus Ramidus, at 4.5 million years old, is the oldest known hominid. I crafted a score which includes elements of wind instruments, vocals and percussion from Africa, married to traditional western-style harmonies and orchestration.

She spent the first five years of her life living with Opioid-addicted parents. This unwitting victim in the drug epidemic sweeping across our nation overcomes challenges few ever face. This is the inspiring story of Grace.

                                      - a film by Marc Aramian & Veronica DiPippo

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AGNUS DEI - (Lamb of God) I was commissioned to write this for a short film for the non-profit God of Hope ministry.

WASHINGTON'S HOME - An excerpt from the score to the nightly light show at Mt. Rushmore featuring members of the London Philharmonic.

UKELELE JOE - A little light-hearted fun for a kid's film.

THE LIFE OF A PRESIDENT – Music for the film at a Presidential Library Museum whose name I can't reveal.

THE LORD'S PRAYER - I created this new version for the God Of Hope non-profit ministry.

CD Cover part 1

The late great artist, Alan Hashimoto, created this for my CD, Music For Motion Pictures Vol. I. The cover is too large to fit on one screen. Hover your cursor over the right side of the image to navigate to the other images.