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SCENE FROM "DISCOVERING ARDI" - (DOCUMENTARY)  Excerpts from the Discovery Channel 2-hour Special. Ten years in the making and in collaboration with over 3 dozen scientist from around the world, this documentary explores the origins of man. Ardipithecus Ramidus, at 4.5 million years old, is the oldest known hominid. I crafted a score which includes elements of wind instruments, vocals and percussion from Africa, married to traditional western-style harmonies and orchestration.
SCENE FROM "S I N I S T E R" - NIGHT TERRORS (HORROR)  I co-composed this with Christopher Young.
SCENE FROM "ECSTATIC" (ROMANTIC-COMEDY) Writer/Director/Actor David Knell made this sweet and charming, award-winning short.
CAPTAIN DEMONICA - From my album, IN A WORLD: MUSIC FOR TRAILERS (available on iTunes)
CRIPTANAKA – This piece is part of a package we used for attracting cast, crew and investors to one of our supernatural thrillers.
CRIPTANAKA – Here's the same piece in the hybrid version: lots of guitars with the orchestra.  Available on iTunes.
BARCELONA OLYMPICS FLAG CEREMONY – Played during the closing ceremonies and featured a dance/gymnastics troupe of 50.
OUR AFRICAN ORIGINS – Opening from the Discovery Channel Special.
SKATEBOARD VENGEANCE - From my album, IN A WORLD, a collection of trailer music on iTunes.
THE LIFE OF A PRESIDENT – More music for a film at a Presidential Library Museum whose name I can't reveal.
THE LORD'S PRAYER (MUSIC VIDEO) This  features Saige Walker, the male soloist in the first verse, and Belle Erskine, the female soloist in the second. Belle's husband, Richard, played guitars. This is typical of the way we  work these days. Belle and Richard live in London - their session was remote. I played the rest of the instruments. Background vocals were sung by members of the BelAir Presbyterian choir. Editor: Veronica DiPippo.  Lyrics by Jesus Christ, of course. This song is available on iTunes. Proceeds are split with the God of Hope ministry.
CELL DOGS – Composed for a show about prison inmates who train dogs for adoption.
THE LIFE OF A PRESIDENT – More music for the film at a Presidential Library Museum whose name I can't reveal.
HOEDOWN - From the Romantic/Comedy, RANEY.
CARVING THE MOUNTAIN - This is part of the score for a film which is shown nightly as part of the Mt. Rushmore park light show.
RECTIFY ME - Score from a cop show whose name I can't reveal.  Vocals by Lydia Salnikova.
GET OUT - A tune I produced and co-wrote with Roselle Nava for her album, SIMPLY ROSELLE.
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